Erasmus Plus

October 24 2022

RockINEurope - Network of International Experts

A key aspect in the life of the RockINEurope Project is the establishment of a Network of International Experts (NIE) to oversee the results of the project, thus guaranteeing the effectiveness and professional accuracy of the programme. It is essential to set clear objectives before selecting the Members of the Network and to classify the qualifications and experience of the candidates accordingly.

Given the scope and scale of the Project, it is essential to assemble a diverse professional team, as the main objective of the Project is to ensure the creation of a well-revised and universally applicable educational curriculum and the respective literature.

The detailed evaluation scheme of the selection process is available here.

Link to the Web page of the project:

October 27 2022

The official Logo of Website of the RockINEurope Project is drawn!

One of the main elements of the RockINEurope project is the creation of a knowledge repository where educational materials collected and evaluated by the experts involved in the project will be uploaded and made available.

The website of this knowledge repository is currently under active development and will initially be available from 2023, but the documents containing these educational materials will be available from May onwards.

The website will be known as the Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll Center of Knowledge (ARCK), the visual identity of which is reflected in the Logo.

Link to the Web page of the project:

December 31 2022

Database - Gathering of Documents

The database and the records of the documents gathered so far providing the basis of the Project have been organised as the first step towards the launch of the website of the ARCK in december this year.

The documents in the database are currently under the processes of revision and translation by experts within the Project that are going to be the professional foundation of the mission of the Project and the website.

Among others, the documents involve topics such as:

  • criteria of evaluation
  • professional symbolic writings
  • long-term training processes
  • the key factors of the continuance of the applicable methods
  • demonstration of the system and requirements of acrobatic elements

With the help of international experts and the access to the shared knowledge provided by them, paired with the use and availability of contemporary, up-to-date and relevant literature is the key to the success of the RockINEurope Project and its mission.

Link to the Web page of the project:

January 29 2023

Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll Center of Knowledge RockINEurope – Website

In January, the Website of the project (link below) RockINEurope has officially been launched that is currently in testing phase.

ARCK is an online Website, where stakeholders in the field of Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll – as well as dance sport professionals – can find revised, systematized English-language training and educational materials to develop their knowledge and skills through this online learning form.

The documents available on the project page, the methodology and the thematics of the project are constantly under professional evaluation through both theoretical and practical approaches. Currently, these elements are also subject to real-life examinations and tests, whose results yielded are being implemented in the final materials and methodologies, further polishing its professional value for the masses. Therefore the intellectual content available on the Website will be thoroughly scrutinised.

The foreseeable time of the Website going live is estimated before May 31.

Link to the Web page of the project:

February 28 2023

ARCK Platform – Final stage coming soon!

The WRRC Vice-President, Ms Katalin Kis, called for an online workshop aimed at presenting the Project and its means of use on 27th April.

All the members of the federations and clubs have been invited to the meeting where they will be exposed to the thematics of the Project, and encouraged to participate in trying the new methodology offered by ARCK.

The organisation of such an event is crucial in order to gather useful information, insight and feedbacks from professionals after they will be presented with various means through which the Platform (ARCK) can be used and how contributing to the collective professional database and peer-reviews are evaluated, then provided accessible for a wider audience.

The Platform is estimated to be available by 31th May.

Link to the Web page of the project: